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May 25, 2019

People’s ire over efforts to stop Jai Shri Ram calling hit back Mamata, Himant sarma

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Kolkata: Himanta Biswa Sarma, BJP leader and strategist in Bengal said that Mamata’s defeat in the state was completed when she started try to stop people from praising god Shri Ram’s name. BJP won 18 seats out of the 42 seats where the party won 2 seats in 2014. Mr Himanta Biswa Sarma was addressing media after BJP won bigger seats than that of 2014.

Himanta said that People in Bengal are extremely ‘upset’ when Mamata said people not to have utter Jai Shri Ram that might have offended them. As per Himanta that question who is Mamata to hold them back from calling the god’s name might have raised at the people’s mind.  Sarma said people might have thought over the hero of the civilization and they would be barring from their beliefs.

Mr Sarma said, Party President Amit Shah exhorted to expand party through east and North east by promoting the culture and philosophy.  Now the party agenda is to expand party in Kerala and TamilNadu and the party would accomplish in next five years.

BJP won 14 seats in the region where it was reportedly feared to loss as the citizenship amendment bill giving Indian citizenship to all immigrants except Muslims and in 2014 it was 8.

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