Two Huawei workers arrested in Poland over spying allegations


Two Huawei workers had been arrested in Poland over allegations of spying for the Chinese govt. Right here is the 2d incident after Huawei’s CFO got arrested in Canada.

Now the Polish counterintelligence company believes it has arduous proof of Huawei’s workers’ wrongdoings. One among them is Polish whereas the opposite one is Chinese. The Chinese nationwide is a gross sales director whereas the Polish is a former high-ranking pleasant at Poland’s internal safety company.

Every of them will dwell in custody for the following three months and will withstand 10 years in penal advanced. Huawei, nonetheless, mentioned that or now not it is responsive to the agonize but denies feedback for now.

The corporate has been fighting on diverse fronts for the past year. It all started when US carriers stopped promoting Huawei smartphones and the govt prohibited officers from the usage of devices from the company. The USA then asked the comfort of the area to ban the usage of Huawei tools and some countries love Australia and the UK listened.

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