Nokia explains the approach of Android updates on this frosty infographic


Nokia telephones are known for its neat, clutter-free Android skills and well timed updates. Nonetheless that does no longer bag faraway from the truth that every and every update has to dawdle a lengthy approach sooner than it finally ends up on your mobile phone so the firm created this frosty infographic explaining your complete phases.

Google’s most modern mobile OS version starts its creep from the chipset vendors so that they can produce the wished drivers. In turn, the chip makers send the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) to the smartphone OEMs so that they can begin up the approach of constructing the OS for his or her particular devices. Also, the chipset vendors are those that mediate which SoCs will earn crimson meat up for the most modern OS version and which obtained’t.

The next assignment would no longer bag a good deal of time as Nokia’s telephones urge pure Android One which approach no skins or over-the-high aspects are added so almost at this time after, Nokia pushes the instrument for inner testing to behold if the mobile phone at hand will play well with operators internationally. The next step comprises the Nokia community – the beta version of the instrument is seeded to objects worldwide sooner than being formally released.

Nokia's infographic

Nokia’s infographic

Most often the instrument makes a final discontinue for conformance requirements tests esteem Bluetooth and WiFi. Quality checks and extra operator tests are well-known and rarely the latter would possibly perchance perchance preserve the update assignment as a result of a couple unexpected errors. And lastly, the OTA update starts rolling out to the eligible smartphones.